September 23, 2005

Stabbing at TC3 dorms

A Tuesday stabbing at the TC3 dorms will put a Spencer man in Dryden court today, charged with second-degree felony assault, as well as fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon. Dryden firefighters took the victim to Cortland Hopital.

In brighter news, math scores for elementary students throughout the county improved, while middle schools were mixed. In Dryden, elemenary math scores improved 2.8% to 89.8, and middle school math scores improved 4.9% to 64.9. In Ithaca, elementary scores climbed 4.1% to 87, while middle school scores declined 8.3% to 63.7. As the article warns, the meaning of these scores, especially comparisons year to year, is fairly questionable.

Also, Stone Circle School, a Waldorf-inspired elementary school, will be having an open house Saturday at the school (map) from 1:00pm to 3:00pm, including a sample morning circle at 2:00pm.

In county news, there's a piece in the print edition about "how the county budget affects you", and while it's brief, it's a good reason to buy the paper if you don't have it already.

On the opinion page, the editorial encourages TCAT management and labor to avoid a strike, as "an outraged public will have enough blame for everyone involved." There's also a letter from Thomas Cleland of Dryden asking readers to choose between the message of Jesus and the Pharisees who persecuted him, pointing out that:

Civil disobedience has its price, though the disproportionate federal conspiracy charges (originally designed to enable prosecution of Mafia dons) tell us more about George Dentes and the federal prosecutor in Binghamton than they do about the Four. But what I really can't figure out is why so many self-professed Christians are so eager to play the role of Pharisee, behaving like the mob that turned on Jesus when the going got tough and the issues became genuinely important.

(The letter is about the ongoing federal trial of the St.Patrick's Four.)

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