September 24, 2005

Little news, a few opinions

Today's Ithaca Journal is quiet on Dryden news, but there are two pieces on the opinion page with Dryden connections. One comes from Freeville resident Jennifer Semo, and only appears in the print edition. Semo writes, about the St.Patrick's Four:

No one is questioning the right to stand up for your beliefs and the right of protestation. The matter at hand is the destruction (of property at) the recruitment center. Do I applaud their passion and conviction in demonstrating and feeling that the Iraq war is wrong? Absolutely. Do I agree with those feelings and the "Four's" methods of self-expression? Certainly not! No matter what you believe to be right or wrong, it does not give you the right to destroy or damage that which does not belong to you!

In Darts & Laurels, the Journal takes a dart for recent election coverage:

DART: From Dolores Hicks to The Ithaca Journal. Shame on you for your tasteless coverage of George Totman's loss to the Board of Representatives. It would have been nice if you mentioned his 50-plus years of service to the Groton, McLean and Dryden areas instead of running a 2-inch headline declaring his loss. We are supposed to be nice people in Tompkins County. Many times you fail to cover the news in a timely manner, but you capitalized on this immediately. Regardless of ones political affiliations, you owe Mr. Totman an apology.

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