September 26, 2005

Kalandros reception kicks off campaign season

Dryden has three county legislative districts. Two of them, those held by Mike Lane and Martha Robertson, are completely within the Town of Dryden. The third, currently represented by George Totman, includes the corner of Dryden north and east of Malloryville Road, along with all of Groton and a sliver of eastern Lansing.

Athena Kalandros of Groton is running for that seat as a Democrat against Republican Duane "Tyke" Randall. She held an event at the Benn Conger Inn tonight. Fifty or sixty people attended, enjoying the food and drink, the beautiful venue, the company, and the speeches, and District Attorney candidate Gwen Wilkinson joined the fun as well.

Athena Kalandros speaks
Athena Kalandros talks about serving the 9th district.

Kalandros talked about why she was happy to be living and working at her small business in Groton, how she would like to apply the negotiating and grant skills she'd developed in her work to help the district, and asked the audience for their help in electing her.

Athena Kalandros talks with district residents
Athena Kalandros talks with district residents.

It was a great evening, a very pleasant side of politics. I've posted a gallery of photos if you'd like to see more.

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