September 26, 2005

Upset about the war, taxes

This morning's Ithaca Journal presents opinions from a few Dryden residents. The Journal's article about weekend war protests talks to Nancy Suci, who is identified as an Ithaca resident, but she lives on Turkey Hill Road here in Dryden. Suci attended protests against the Iraq war in Washington on Saturday:

"There was a feeling that the people of Washington who were there, who weren't marching, approved," the 76-year-old said. "You go and protest partly to support yourselves - you have no illusions that when you go and shout at the White House, anyone's listening."

On the editorial page, Richard Couch points to Spencer-Van Etten's example of a community raising funds for sports after an austerity budget as something more places may be doing soon:

while it is so great to see a community rally around something to help kids, I'm concerned the S-VE might be setting a good example that other school districts will be forced to follow.

Austerity budgets may just be a thing of the future. School budgets are unique in that they are the only budgets we get to vote on directly. Municipal, state and federal budgets are all voted on by elected representation, and lately those budgets seem to be growing out of control. Despite the tone set in some letters the editor and guest columns, I doubt voters in S-VE are mean or dislike kids. They are sending a simple message - "we can't afford higher taxes."

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