September 15, 2005

The O.D. von Engeln Preserve

The Town of Dryden has a small but beautiful nature preserve, one that so far as I can tell relatively few people have discovered. The O.D. von Engeln Nature Preserve, owned and operated by the Nature Conservancy, includes 1.75 miles of trails and a kiosk explaining why the area is so special, tucked away off West Malloryville Road (map).

Photos can't really do it justice - there's something beautifully harmonious about the different habitats packed into a small space, and the camera sees the contrast between sunlight and shadow differently. Still, here are a few attempts.

On top of an esker at the von Engeln preserve
On top of an esker at the von Engeln preserve.

A spring-filled stream through the swamp
A spring-filled stream through the swamp.

Viewing platform at the bog
Viewing platform at the bog.

If you'd like to see more, I've posted a gallery.

The von Engeln preserve is open to the public, but for pedestrians only. No motorized vehicles, horses, bicycles, pets, fishing, hunting, trapping, or camping are allowed. The path is clearly marked and well-developed, but visitors need to stay on the trails to protect the rest of the preserve. I was there after a very dry summer, and I'm guessing it's usually wetter than this, but much of the trail is elevated or boardwalked to avoid muddy natural areas.

The glaciers left Dryden with some impressive terrain. While most people think of hills and lakes, this preserve shows how even smaller features can have tremendous beauty.

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Lauren von Engeln said:

I am wondering if OD von Engeln is still alive and if so, is he available for contact? I am a von Engeln, and I had no idea that other von Engeln's lived in the US. I would love to talk to him and find out if we have common ancestry. Please email me with any information you might have. Thank you so much!
Lauren von Engeln

Jodi Crawford said:


Oscar died in 1964. My mother was his second cousin. If you'd like to contact me I would be happy to tell you what I know about the family.