October 20, 2005

TC3 biotech program, county budget

Yesterday was so action-packed that I didn't get to cover the Journal, so here are yesterday's and today's papers.

Yesterday's front page has an extensive on article on TC'3 new biotech program, teaching students the skills they need to work in (or study further in) a rapidly growing field. It could also have a substantial long-term effect on the local economy:

"Getting qualified employees that are actually being educated locally ... could help because these resident-type people who are already here are building up skill sets," said Zach Schulman, a partner in Cayuga Venture Fund, which has helped launch a number of local start-up companies in scientific or technological fields.

...Even though a lot of technology has been coming out of Central New York lately, local funding is limited and most of the companies are small, Henderson said. Larger companies may be hesitant to move or remain here, he said, because they don't see a large, skilled workforce to draw from.

"Really, the TC3 program is one of the things that can help that," Henderson said. "You can train that workforce, and you can grow companies."

Briefly in Dryden didn't appear in yesterday's online edition, but it lists a turkey dinner at the Freeville United Methodist Church at 4:00pm Saturday, and registration for workshops at TC3.biz.

At the county level, the legislature unanimously passed the tentative county budget for next year, putting it to public hearing November 9th and a possible final vote the 15th.

There's also mention that a Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the County's proposed emergency communications network is available. There will be a public hearing November 3rd, and the comment period ends November 18th.

Today's paper has another article on the proposed emergency communications network, but most of the Dryden activity is on the opinion page:

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