October 18, 2005

Who's the fiscal conservative?

The Ithaca Journal is quiet on Dryden today, except for a letter from Kathy Zahler pointing out County Legislator Mike Lane's fiscal conservatism:

I have in front of me information I requested that shows legislators' voting records on the 2005 budget. Out of 15 legislators, Mike Lane ranked 13th in votes on spending.

Every single Republican on the Legislature called for more spending than he did. Meanwhile, back in Dryden, during Mike's opponent's tenure on town board, the tax levy suddenly sprang upward by nearly 18 percent.

The 2005 budget voting record information is available. Where Lane was #13 on spending more, Republicans had slots 5, 6, 7, and 8, and Lane's total was less than half of the thriftiest Republican, George Totman.

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