November 11, 2005

Concession; Dryden development

This morning's Ithaca Journal has a lot from last night's Town Board meeting, with an article on Mike Lane's concession speech and another piece on possible development north of the Village of Dryden near TC3.

One plan, proposed by Bill Wilbern, would include a possible Best Western motel, while the other would move (and expand) a large engineering firm, Advanced Design Consulting, from Lansing to Dryden. Water and sewer would be a large issue for the motel development, but isn't as critical to Advanced Design. The Town Board also discussed spending $4000 on an aid application for Advanced Design. The board seemed supportive, but wanted some further conversations before moving ahead.

The article also mentions the preliminary Dryden-Freeville trail plan, which would now likely go only from the Jim Schug trail's end in Dryden to Springhouse Road. I've posted the text of the report (4054KB PDF) and the first map (6255KB PDF), but these are enormous because of the scans. I asked last night that the town post this on their website in a more concise form, and I'll report when it's available as a smaller (and more complete) download.

There's also a letter from Stanley Marcus of Freeville, encouraging the County Legislature to board prisoners in the jail, repair roads earlier with hot asphalt, cut back on TC3, and stop supporting the Tompkins County airport.

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