November 27, 2005

Work, development, and politics

I started to report on this week's Dryden Courier when I realized that I hadn't yet reported on the previous week's issue (November 16th), so thought I should do that first.

The Courier led with an article on custodian Dave Davis' 35-year tenure at Dryden Central Schools, making him the most senior employee. He praises the schools as "a great place to work," and hasn't yet decided when he's retiring.

There's also a report on possibilities for development north of the Village of Dryden, with Elizabeth Rinaldo reporting on the possibilities for a Best Western hotel and a Dollar General north of the A-1 restaurant as well as Advanced Design Consulting's possible move there.

The recent elections get two notices in the paper, with an article on newly elected Town Board member Mary Ann Sumner's reflections on what she'd like to accomplish, from zoning to community outreach. The editorial is "Hats Off to Lane", reflecting on County Legislator Mike Lane's concession at the November Town Board meeting:

What Mike Lane did Thursday night is not unheard of, but unusual. He put the needs and desires of his district before his own. He voluntarily stepped down to ensure that his neighbors and friends would not have to endure a long, contentious post election process. And he did it before he was forced to, before all the votes were counted. He relied on his logic and not on his heart.

Mike Lane showed his true colors, and the colors that were revealed were honest and true.

Dryden should be proud.

There's also an article looking at safety procedures in the Dryden and Groton school districts, and Harry Weldon writes about Indian activity in the Dryden Lake area.

In sports, Julie Faber of Dryden was named to the 2005 Finger Lakes Newspapers Girls Volleyball All-Stars, while Abinye Smith was named to the Football All-Stars.

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