January 16, 2006

Syracuse man arrested in Dryden for meat theft in Lansing

There isn't much in this morning's Ithaca Journal about Dryden, but The Monitor reports the arrest of a Syracuse man along Route 34B. Speeding led to a check for outstanding warrants, and there was $400 in meat reported stolen from Tops in the car as well.

One interesting question: the man was arraigned in Groton Town Court but appears in Dryden Town Court tomorrow. I wonder how they handle jurisdiction on border roads like 34B.

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A.D. Dawson said:

According to the Criminal Procedure Law of NYS, if a town court is not available to arraign a subject arrested for an offense in its jurisdiction, the court of an adjoining town may perform the arraignment and return the matter to the original court of jurisdiction. (However, they have to be within the same county.)

What's interesting in the case cited here is that the offense of the theft of the meat occurred in the Town of Lansing, the subject was arrested in the Town of Dryden and subsequently arraigned in the Town of Groton.

To complicate matters a little more, the individual arrested can face charges in both Lansing and Dryden as the theft took place in Lansing and the possession of the stolen meat occurred in Dryden. Groton was just being nice and helped out with the arraignment.