January 17, 2006

Diesel hybrids: maybe

I wrote back in November about how I'd really like a small diesel hybrid pickup truck. It seemed unlikely then, as no one was talking about diesel hybrids, but that hurdle has been cleared: several automakers, including Ford, Mercedes, and Citroen, are working on diesel hybrids.

Now if only they'd focus on a small pickup truck, and put it in showrooms. (The Ford at least has all-wheel drive, which is a plus for local weather.)

Posted by simon at January 17, 2006 6:16 PM in
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Susan said:

My current small truck (Chevy S-10 extended cap 4-cylinder) gets around 27 mpg. I'm nursing her along because the gas mileage on new "small" trucks is so bad, and the price tag is so high. Also, they keep getting a little bigger every year. I don't need bigger. If I wanted a big truck, I would buy one. I don't think the auto industry understands the small businesss person.

Don said:

Ford makes diesel Ranger pickups. They sell them all over the world. Just not here due to emission standards. I had a Mitsubishi diesel that I loved (38 to 42 MPG). Now I can't even get a replacement.