February 17, 2006

Ambassador visits

I've missed a week on the Dryden Courier, so I'd better catch up on that.

The February 8th issue leads with an article and photos on the visit of Ambassador Bob F. Jalang'o, former Ambassador to the United Nations from Kenya, to Dryden Middle School:

Jalang'o spent about three hours with the students, bringing with him facts, games, photos, and even an African drum performance. He also brought similarities between the two countries as well as stark differences, giving students insight into a country most have never seen before.

That issue also looks at the early contract agreement between Dryden Schools and the Dryden Faculty Association, and visits Michael Arcuri, a candidate for Sherwood Boehlert's seat in Congress. An article on the Central New York School Boards Association Legislative Breakfast includes Dryden board member Chris Gibbons arguing that "the education of our children should be above party lines."

Southworth Library is having an amnesty week on book fines through the 18th, and the Dairy Day committee is having a contest to help choose a theme for this June's event.

In Anecdotes and Brevities, Harry Weldon tells the story of the surveying and naming of Dryden and other local towns.

In sports, there's an article and an editorial of congratulations on the induction of the Dryden class of 1979 girls basketball team, which was inducted into the Dryden Athletic Hall of Fame. There's an article on the current girls basketball team defeating Trumansburg 59-26, an article on the boys basketball team losing to Trumansburg 48-46, and a photo of the wrestling team.

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