February 16, 2006

I'm pretty sure that's Dryden....

The front page of this morning's City & County section in the Ithaca Journal includes a photo of kids playing outside a school with this caption:

Jaclyn Calale tows Ashley Ward in the dogsled pull during the fourth grade's winter Olympics Monday morning as the rest of Jill Knout's class cheers them on. All seven fourth grade classes took turns going through seven events that included javelin toss, dogsled pull, snowball on a spoon relay, biggest snow pile, Olympic trivia, torch relay and filling a five-gallon bucket with snow.

They don't say which school it is (and the online version is even missing the caption!), but I think that's Dryden Elementary in the background. If anyone can confirm or deny that in the comments, I'd appreciate it.

On the opinion page, Maureen Brull of Dryden asks how much more America will put up with from its current administration.

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drydenite said:

I saw the same event but with a big article in Tuesdays Cortland Standard. They seem to cover Dryden much better than the Ithaca paper.

Mary Ann said:

Looks like Dryden Elementary to me. And Jill Knout's listed in the Dryden School directory.

Kathy Zahler said:

Yes, it's Dryden Elementary. The fourth graders all participated. The Standard always does cover Dryden better. Too bad we can't have it delivered where we are!