February 1, 2006

Another look at downtown Dryden

I wrote about the empty storefronts in the Village of Dryden a couple of days ago, and tonight's Cortland Standard takes a deeper look. Ida Pease talks with store owners who've moved, and with the owner of Googer's Bakery, home of my favorite half-moon cookies, who reports that they'll be moving when their lease is up as well. While most of the businesses have relocated nearby, there's still a gaping set of empty windows at the four corners.

Pease notes the Village Comprehensive Plan's appraisal of the challenges of the area, and owners' complaints about parking. The owner of the Body Care Center, still happily in one of these buildings, doesn't see a problem with parking. Personally, I've never had a problem with parking in the lot on George Street, but then I'm not a good sample, as frequently I park far away from my destinations in Ithaca or Pyramid Mall to get some walking in. Upstairs tenants and some crime are also mentioned as problems.

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Note on photos


Mary Ann said:

I took similar pictures the same day you posted yours. Seemed kind of sci fi that all of a sudden there were all those for rent and for sale signs. It looks like the whole block from the library to the corner will be empty except for the Body Care Center. One building is for sale through Christopher George and one through Audrey Edelman. And the sign on the restaurant just has a Cortland phone number. Did the Cortland Standard article mention the building owners?

Unfortunately the Standard doesn't talk to the building owners. It went to some excellent length with the business owners and the mayor, but the landlords aren't there at all.