February 11, 2006

Missing a friend; Dryden opinions on St.Patrick's Four

This morning's Ithaca Journal includes a sad letter from Evan Kurtz of Dryden reflecting on the recent accident on Route 13 which killed 70-year-old Janice Cortright:

I always knew her cheerful greeting, endless chatter, and heartfelt thanks whenever we met. I don't know why she was heading into Dryden on Tuesday morning when she was killed, or what exactly happened, I just know I will miss her.

The opinion page also includes two rather different Dryden opinions of the St. Patrick's Four. The Four are Ithaca Catholic Worker activists recently convicted in federal court for their part in protests at the Lansing army recruitment office after a mistrial in Tompkins County. Gary Simmons of Dryden writes:

The so called St. Patrick's Four are only interested in getting their 15 minutes of fame. I'll bet they keep a scrapbook to save all their press clippings.

While Steve Adams of Dryden questions the Journal's coverage:

The article went on at some length about the costs to the taxpayers of Binghamton of providing a setting for the trial, without identifying the party responsible for that trial: the federal government.

The legal process was proceeding apace, with a local jury of their peers initially unable to agree on the guilt of the four defendants, before the federal prosecutor insisted on taking up the matter and burdening the taxpayers of Binghamton.

A Dryden resident was arrested for DWI on Route 13.

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