February 6, 2006

Mock trials, parties, cooking, and reading at Dryden schools

This morning's Ithaca Journal is once again quiet on Dryden news, but the February 1st issue of the Dryden Courier is busy, largely with school news.

The lead article visits the mock trial club at Dryden High School, which is busy preparing for a competition later this spring. The article talks with both advisor Jill Weiss and with students, and has a picture of the team inside. An article on the Senior All Night Extravaganza looks at planning for a graduation party for Dryden High School students, but doesn't give away the plans.

Inside the front cover, there's a look at Dryden Superintendent Mark Crawford's cooking skills, especially for breakfast. A picture on the cover and a picture on page 3 illustrate the events at the Thursday Reading Night at Freeville Elementary, where principal Paula Thoma read a Japanese story and children had Japanese-themed activities. (Thoma recently returned from a three-week exchange visit to Japan.)

There's also an article on the Community Science Institute, which oversees water-testing projects in Dryden on Fall Creek and Six Mile Creek. I visited one of their training sessions a while back.

Dryden Girls Basketball gets a color photo on the back of the paper and a black and white photo inside, both from their defeat to Lansing, which was the "Game of the Week." There are also group photos of the Dryden Cheerleading and Indoor Track teams.

There's also a large correction in sports. I noted last week that the Courier had named Abinye Smith athlete of the week, but it turns out that Jordan Minnis was the athlete of the week, having scored 25 points against Moravia.

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