February 22, 2006

Race for the 24th; candidate speaking next Thursday

While no one is sure if Congressman Sherwood Boehlert is in or out of the race, there are lots of contenders for his seat.

One of them, Les Roberts, will be speaking and taking questions at the Lansing Community Center (map) next Thursday, March 2nd, at 7:00pm. The press release notes:

Mr. Roberts is an epidemiologist who served in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. His current research estimating the numbers of civilian deaths in the current Iraq conflict has generated considerable interest among academics and policy-makers. Cawley adds, "Les Roberts' visit to Lansing is a unique opportunity for residents to hear from and question a renowned expert in both health policy and the consequences of the Iraq war. Given the flaws in the new Medicare Part D prescription drug benefit, and the ongoing quagmire in Iraq, we expect tremendous interest in Mr. Roberts’ visit."

There are lots of other contenders in the race, including Democrats Leon Koziol, Bruce Tytler, and Mike Arcuri, as well as Republican Brad Jones.

Also, I just heard (thanks to Kathy Zahler on Casey Stevens' show this morning) of a weblog focused on the 24th district race from a Democratic perspective, Take Back New York's 24th.

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