March 17, 2006

Empty Dryden storefront in Spitzer campaign commercial

I've been depressed enough driving past the empty storefronts on West Main Street, but apparently I'm not the only one who sees them as a sign that we need change around here. The Spitzer campaign's first commercial includes Charlie's Diner and its For Rent sign in an ad about the need to change the way Albany works.

Here are some stills. The voice-over here on the Dryden bit is "For every New Yorker drowning in property taxes..."

Charlie's Diner needs a tenant
Charlie's Diner needs a tenant.

For rent
For Rent.

You can see the complete advertisement here. Thanks to NYCO, who noticed "Dryden Apartment Company" in the ad.

(And yes, I do think Spitzer's sincere about making New York State - all of it, including Dryden - great once again.)

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Rob said:

Dryden now is less 1 Burger King?
I moved here 2 years ago, and the sad slide I have seen is depressing.
Why is it Princeton, which years ago had nothing around it but farmland, has a thriving downtown that caters to it's Ivy League client, but Cornell has?? College Town?
Granted, SUNY Binghamton hasn't done alot for Binghamton, and it could be argued the same for Sryacuse. Where has all of the empoyment opportunities gone here in Central NY? We have some of the best schools for Computer Science (Watson School of Engineering where I hope to go), and an Ivy League School. Why do our best minds just past through Central New York? It could be argued it is the weather, but pleanty of places in the mid-west have worst weather and still hold onto a number of bright minds.
Our elected officals don't seem to have any answers, and let's not blame Bush or Clinton before, I want plans for a future for my new home.Our economy is slowly leaving Central New York. Is it time we think out of the box and realize that the people of Tompkins and Cortland county deserve better?