March 20, 2006

Healthcare woes explored at TC3

TC3 hosted a healthcare forum on Saturday, one of over 90 being held by Healthcare NOW!. That's at the top of the front page, while the bottom of the front page has an article talking about how hard it is to move patients in New York from hospitals to nursing homes, because the nursing homes don't have room - despite the state's frequent claims that excess nursing home capacity is costing us. Something doesn't add up in all of this.

Two Dryden residents are on the opinion page today. Jeanette Knapp of Ellis Hollow writes about the continuing work of the women's movement today, while Debra Niemi of Freeville adds her letter to the pile of those complaining about the Journal's decision to run a photo including a state trooper killed in the line of duty.

There's also a Jay Gallagher piece on the state budget which looks at the colliding impacts of income and property taxes.

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Note on photos


drydenite said:

I agree. Absolutely NO news value in running that photo. All it served was to hurt both his natural family and his family of police officers who worry about ending their day in the same fashion. Too many times, maybe because they are owned by a big corporation like Gannett, they try to act like a "big city" newspaper. They forget that this is a small town, neighbors knowing their neighbor, and people being friendly, not the big city. I woiuld hope the upper management of Gannett looks at this decision and has a chat with the IJ publisher. In a small town like this. it was a very bad call. Have a heart in sake of the news.