March 20, 2006

Village elections tomorrow

If you live in the Village of Dryden or the Village of Freeville, you have an opportunity to vote tomorrow. Freeville's races are non-partisan and uncontested, while Dryden's are partisan and contested.

Elections will be held at the Dryden Village Hall (map) and Freeville Village Hall (map) from noon to 9:00pm on Tuesday.

I've been proud to work with Mary Ellen Bossack and Jim Willer on their campaigns for Village of Dryden Trustee. I'd like very much to see Bossack continue her work on the Village Board and to see Willer get a chance to apply his interests and his business knowledge to village government. I don't cover the villages as much as I should on this blog, but there's a tremendous amount going on especially in the Village of Dryden lately, and having these two on the board would encourage me that it's in good hands.

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