March 20, 2006

Boehlert, no, Meiers vs. Jones

Since Congressman Boehlert retired and Senator Seward decided to run for re-election rather than Congress, I've been wondering who the Republican contenders would be.

Newsday reports that State Senator Raymond Meier has entered the race, and challenger Brad Jones is staying in. Swing State Project reports that Meier is well to Boehlert's right, but not as far right as Jones would like to see.

That does, however, fit the predictions of Tompkins County Republican Party vice-chairman Mark Finkelstein:

"I expect we'll have a candidate with strong Republican values," Finkelstein said. "We're going to hold the seat, probably with a candidate who is more, you might say, in the traditional Republican mainstream."

Though Walter Mebane, a Cornell professor of government, described the district as "gerrymandered to be a Republican district," it could be a very interesting year.

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