March 21, 2006

Man arraigned for $50,000 cemetery theft

This morning's Ithaca Journal reports on the arraignment of a man for allegedly stealing $50,000 from Lakeview Cemetery in Lansing. The arraignment itself was in Dryden - and I think was this one, disrupting a Planning Board meeting - but I couldn't figure out why it took place in Dryden, given that the cemetery is near Cayuga Lake and the man's last address is given as Ithaca. The discussion of his being a flight risk "from Dryden to Peekskill" may be the answer, though.

There's also an article on the upcoming Congressional race, where newly announced candiate Raymond Meiers has been busily spending his State Senate campaign account on self-promoting ads in advance of announcing his run for Congress. Senator Jim Seward was doing the same, but decided not to run. It's all legal, but makes me wonder yet again about New York State's campaign finance laws and the war chests incumbents pile up even without opposition.

The Journal's editorial examines Boehlert's legacy and what it means for the district.

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