April 17, 2006

Congressional candidate Les Roberts; state darkness

This morning's Ithaca Journal doesn't have much on Dryden, but it does cover congressional candiate Les Roberts, who seeks to represent Dryden and the 24th district, with an article on his perspective on the state of America and what needs to change.

In its print edition, the Journal has an article on the legislature and Governor's apparent fear of sunlight, as they agreed again to spend their off-the-books borrowings around the state without any central published record of where it's going. Newspapers and others will no doubt continue to file for it using New York's Freedom of Information Law, but this makes it even harder for legislators to claim that their handing out cash around the state has any resemblence to proper government financial operations.

Update: I did miss one piece of Dryden news. Unfortunately, it's a report of a Freeville man arrested for assault and violating an order of protection.

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