April 15, 2006

Cayuga Press departing for Cortland

This morning's Ithaca Journal leads with the news that Cayuga Press is leaving its Hanshaw Road facilities for an Empire Zone in Cortland. The Town Board passed a resolution Thursday night that their departure was for reasons that couldn't readily be fixed here. Board members Steve Stelick and Mary Ann Sumner wanted to wait a month before waving farewell, but Marty Christofferson pushed for a faster vote. As the article notes, the company felt unable to expand in its current locations, though it will be keeping those. Peter Schug noted at the meeting that the company will expand its Mailbox of Ithaca operation by 4 or 5 people, and that there might be retail in the other location.

Continuing with the Town Board meeting, the Journal also has a brief summary of what happened that has a few problems. They note the discussion of the alternative energy ordinance, but talk about an ice-skating rink when the plans are for a skateboard park, and focus on a 10-second mention of the Cortland Road Sewer District's continuing lack of progress while the board spent considerably more time on the prospect of an Ellis Hollow Road water district.

There's an article on declining enrollments at local school districts that notes that Dryden's enrollment has fallen 11.4% since 1998, and Ithaca's by 11.1%. Only the Lansing schools show a gain in the area, with a 4.7% increase. An article on how districts are dealing with this notes cooperation between the Dryden and Groton wrestling teams.

An article on the upcoming tax deadline starts with Nancy Crawford of Freeville, and E.W. Seymour of Freeville has a letter continuing an argument about Saddam Hussein's weapons capabilities.

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