April 8, 2006

Density policy, confederate flag

The Dryden news in this morning's Ithaca Journal all seems to gravitate toward Ithaca somehow.

County Legislator Martha Robertson is quoted in her role as a member of the Tompkins County Industrial Agency Board about a moratorium on applications for tax abatements under the density policy in downtown Ithaca. The moratorium is part of a timetable for determining the future of that density policy, which was designed to encourage more and denser development in the heart of the city.

Students in the Ithaca schools, including southwestern Dryden will no longer be allowed to wear the confederate flag after it has been the source of disputes among students.

On the opinion page, former County Legislature candidate W. David Restey writes to complain about Congressman Maurice Hinchey's car rentals. Unless he's moved recently, Restey is a Dryden resident, but listed as Ithaca. (So was Jason Leifer earlier this week.) Also, Hinchey's district includes Ithaca, but not Dryden.

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Ben said:

Dryden boys wearing Johnny Reb's flag?

Who won that war again?

W David Restey said:

Simon, my correct mailing address, just to clarify is Ithaca, NY 14850.

My zip code is 14850 too, if barely. The Journal still seemed interested in what town I lived in, not just the zip code.

Given that you're writing about a Congressman in whose district you don't actually live, your political location seems relevant.

W David Restey said:

Hinchey is a Congressman with a vote and he is spending taxpayers dollars. Whether he is in my district or not, he is still spending our money.

You're always welcome to write, Dave. It just seems awfully strange to me that you'd have done all that research on a Congressman whose district you don't actually live in, and that you'd leave that minor fact out of the letter.

But maybe you just don't like him.