May 1, 2006

Natural features, transportation meetings

With all the gardening, I'm a little behind on posting here. Saturday's Journal had an article on forums to discuss the future of natural features focus areas in Tompkins County. The Town of Dryden includes pieces of 8 of the 15 areas. There will be a meeting May 23rd from 7:00pm to 8:30pm at the McLean Fire Hall asking citizens for conservation ideas, as well as earlier meetings in Lansing and at the Tompkins County Public Library. Town of Dryden Environmental Planner Dan Kwasnowski talked about approaches they hope to hear about:

Kwasnowski was quick to point out that these tools do not necessarily mean more regulations. While regulations may be one suggestion, there are many voluntary tools and other options that can be used.

The outreach component inherent in these meetings is also important to organizers. They're hoping to raise awareness for landowners or users who weren't aware of some of the unique features of the areas they frequent.

Briefly in Tompkins mentioned a public meeting "to gather community input on current construction projects at Cornell University and campus traffic patterns." I understand that this is an open session, not a 4-hour sit down, and that it's feeding into the larger Cornell traffic studies, not just this year's projects. There will be a meeting at the Best Western University Inn at East Hill Plaza on May 3rd from 4:00pm to 8:00pm.

The county mailed re-assessment letters Friday. I haven't seen one in my mailbox, but one may yet arrive.

This morning's Journal includes what looks like a new feature, Follow File, which reports on the Dryden Lake Golf Course's new owners, Randy and Joanie Luberecki.

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