June 14, 2006

Ellis Hollow residents reject water district

Ellis Hollow residents filled the Varna Fire Station tonight, requiring Varna to make a mutual aid call to the Dryden Fire Department for more chairs than the 99 they already had out.

Engineer Andy Sciarabba explained the basics of the interim report to the group, and then Environmental Planner Dan Kwasnowski collected questions.

Engineer Andy Sciarabba explains water district options
Engineer Andy Sciarabba explains water district options.

The only question that got answered in full was the one about the process of how a water district would be approved, or voted down. Town Attorney Mahlon Perkins explained the process from the current draft report to a final report to the Town Board's decision on passing it or not to a possible permissive referendum. (It would have taken eight signatures to trigger a referendum for the largest area considered.)

Among the questions were a lot of comments opposing the formation of any district, and finally the Town Board asked for a show of hands among people living in the base area and the extended area who wanted or didn't want water. In the base district, it looked like 2-1 against, while in the expanded area (excluding the base district), there were only four people in favor. Town Councilman Marty Christofferson moved not to proceed with any of the districts, and somewhere in the chaos of people departing the Board passed a resolution to that effect.

If you'd like to see more of the action, I've posted a gallery.

Now if only people would turn out like that for the rest of the conversations determing how tax dollars get spent!

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