June 9, 2006

Freeville PTA treasurer arrested

I didn't know PTA finances could get this exciting, but the Treasurer of the Freeville PTA was arrested for forging an audit, creating a one-page audit on an auditor's stationery.

A picture of students cleaning Ithaca's Stewart Park includes Dryden's Simon Horrocks and Kerry O'Connor.

The editorial looks at the Town of Dryden's contemplation of an alternative energy ordinance:

Dryden's caution is understandable, and its lack of existing wind power regulations is not unique. A Journal survey found only the Town of Lansing has zoning language that deals directly with residential wind turbines. Public reaction to the concept of wind-generated electricity has been mixed, with many folks breaking into not-in-my-backyard fits when the specter of 50- to 100-plus-foot towers and humming rotors interrupts their bucolic bliss. Decades of cheap fossil fuels have also done little to help imprint this energy technology on the minds of most Americans....

But those drawbacks must be kept in perspective. In the name of progress, the American mind has embraced millions of utility poles, millions of miles of power and cable lines, giant smokestacks, engine and traffic noise, toxic fumes and endless rivers of expensive-to-maintain asphalt. If we do not alter course, the American mind will soon be confronted with vastly higher energy costs, unpredictable climatic shifts and geopolitical tangles that make today's conflicts look like sideshows.

Ready or not, the era of lean demand and green energy is upon us. Wind energy is part of that future. It's time we all get our mind around that.

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