June 8, 2006

Log rolling

When I had trees cut down in preparation for the gardening work, I had them leave the logs in place. It wasn't pretty - they stayed where they fell - but today we cleaned that up. It didn't even take that long, thanks to a couple of Josh's friends, Chris and Anna, and a very useful tool: a peavey.

The peavey is four feet long, with a spike at the end and a large pointed hook coming off one side. The hook grabs the log and the tool gives you leverage to move it. I've seen it described as a "ratchet for logs", and while it's not quite that easy, it's a vast improvement over trying to shove logs around, especially big ones.

Starting the move
Chris and Anna (who has the peavey) start to move the log uphill.

Log, moved
Log, moved.

The back yard now looks much more orderly than it did before.

Orderly logs.

Next steps: finish digging a lot of swales, and plowing that large grassy area.

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