June 30, 2006

Helping flooded areas

This morning's Ithaca Journal includes a report on ways Tompkins County is helping out flooded areas to our east, as firefighters, the Red Cross, stores, and others helped out. Dryden sent a fire truck and ambulances.

It looks like there will be a three-way race for Sheriff, as Tim Little wants to run as an independent, challenging incumbent Democrat Peter Meskill and Republican Brian Robison.

On the opinion page, there's a letter from Kathy Zahler of Freeville discussing barriers the Town of Dryden has put in the way of residential alternative energy. It looks like the Journal sat on this letter a long time, as it cites a May 4th article.

There's also a guest column from Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton about the Fair Share for Health Care Act she co-sponsored. The bill doesn't seem to have passed in the last session, though there was a lot of discussion about it earlier this month.

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KAZ said:

Indeed, the Journal sat on (lost?)my letter for nearly two months. I didn't call them on it because it looked like things were starting to move on the ordinance. But I did get a rousing response from readers, including out-of-towners who are involved in the issue in their towns.