July 25, 2006

Cornell Master Plan gets started

In East Hill News, Gary Stewart notes that a website on Cornell's master plan development is now available. The map image at the top of it stretches from downtown Ithaca to Varna and Mount Pleasant. While I doubt the image is meaningful - the project is just getting started - it's certainly thought-provoking. Stewart writes that:

The CMP, launched in April, will serve as a flexible frame of reference as the university adapts to changing research, teaching, and residential priorities over the next 10 to 25 years. Sustainable development and environmental stewardship are central themes of the overall plan.

CMP planners are now in the outreach, information and analysis phase of the three-part project. Input is being sought from all campus constituencies, as well as municipal, county and state representatives. The CMP is scheduled for completion in fall 2007.

In a News Update, the Journal announces that the 4-H Acres Youth Fair willl run July 26th to 29th on Lower Creek Road off Route 13.

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