July 27, 2006

Empire Zone to arrive in Dryden; 4-H Fair here

It looks like Dryden will soon have two Empire Zones, places where businesses creating new jobs can get tax cuts. I believe one of them will be near the NYSEG building, and another north of the Village of Dryden.

The defense lawyer for an alleged Dryden rapist is claiming the DA withheld evidence from the grand jury in getting an indictment. My understanding is that evidence rules for grand juries are very different from those for actual trials, and all the prosecutor has to do is demonstrate that there is enough evidence to move forward, so I'm not really sure what the lawyer is trying to accomplish here, though he claims to have case law. I guess it's a sign that there will be an aggressive defense.

The Journal's editorial encourages readers to attend the 4-H Fair in Dryden, writing that:

anyone who has uttered the pessimistic interrogative “what's with kids today?? anytime in recent memory should stop by the fairgrounds on Lower Creek Road off Route 13 for a quick dose of much-needed unbridled optimism.

In letters, Charles DeMotte of Freeville calls on the Bush administration to negotiate - "a long, tedious, and often frustrating process marked by repeated failures, but... the only road to a lasting peace."

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