August 2, 2006

Eating food from right here

I noted Local Food Week earlier, but Cathy Wakeman goes one step further and explores the local food options in the Town of Dryden itself. I've wished for a while that there were more ways to enjoy food that's produced right here, and she lists a number of excellent options.

There's more on the Karel Westerling rape trial.

Dryden county legislators Martha Robertson and Mike Hattery are quoted in an article on the county's consideration of the density policy for the Industrial Development Agency. The approval urges the IDA to apply more conditions to density policy tax abatements than to regular industrial abatements, which Robertson praised:

Planning committee Chairwoman Martha Robertson, D-Dryden, said the resolution's wording was aimed at setting a “higher bar� for tax incentives for density projects than for regular industrial projects.

“There should be something extra these projects should provide to the community,� Robertson said.

Hattery saw it differently:

Mike Hattery, R-Dryden, is also a member of the IDA and voted against Tuesday's resolution. Besides having reservations about the density policy in general, he also said he disagreed with the resolution's clause about contractors needing to have an apprenticeship program, because he feels it's discriminatory against other contractors.

We'll undoubtedly hear more from these two legislators on the subject, as both are on the board of the IDA itself.

The mandatory "Hot enough for you?" article is also in today's paper, along with local residents' comments including one from Buz Ortiz of Dryden on riding his motorcycle to keep cool.

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