October 9, 2006

Higher gas prices here than elsewhere

This morning's Ithaca Journal asks some hard questions about gas prices in Tompkins County:

As gas prices drop throughout the country, area residents are beginning to notice that gas prices in Tompkins and nearby counties remain high....

Every metropolitan area of the state offered a wider variety of gas prices. Even other small New York cities such as Binghamton, Cortland and Geneva offered more variety at the pumps than Ithaca.

Bill Best, owner of Bill's Service station at 601 Dryden Road, spoke about his factors in pricing gasoline.

"When my distributor comes to deliver gas, I asked him why Cortland is getting their gas for $2.46 (a gallon) and mine is at $2.52. He told me that the low unemployment rate of Tompkins County was a factor in determining the price that I get my gasoline at."

On the opinion page, Mary Perry of Freeville suggests renaming Route 13 rather than State Street to Martin Luther King Boulevard.

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