October 10, 2006

Living in Georgia, maybe Virginia

No, I'm not moving south. The south, however - or at least its weather - seems to be coming here.

This morning's Ithaca Journal takes a look at what global warming might mean for upstate New York. Some gardeners might be happy with a wider range of warm-weather plants, the need for winter heat might decline a bit, but the impact on local ecosystems, according to the Northeast Climate Impacts Assessment, will be pretty drastic:

"The big picture here is that the very notion of what Upstate New York is about - the forests and wildlife - is at stake," said David Wolfe, a professor of horticulture at Cornell University who was involved the report. "The climate is changing right now, but the future of climate change and where it goes is in our hands."

A beautiful picture of Dryden Lake illustrates the story. While the Journal's been offering photos from their paper for sale for a long time, that's the first one I"ve thought hard about buying.

Whyte's in Freeville is listed among the lowest regional gas prices, at $2.58 a gallon, and a Dryden man was arrested for DWI on Midline Road.

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