November 8, 2006

A good night for Dryden Democrats

I spent most of yesterday driving and calling all over Dryden in the final election day push. I ended the night, as I usually do, at the District 2 polling place in Freeville. Why Freeville? Because it generally doesn't raise any false hopes of Democratic victory. It's a generally Republican district, and this year it was well-filled with Robison signs.

Last night I really didn't believe the results. Spitzer winning in Freeville seemed possible, but Arcuri? Elizabeth Garry? The results there for the sheriff's race and town board race were much much closer than I'd expected. It was a good start to a winning night.

David Makar won the Town Board race. I think the Board of Elections results have a typo in District 7. There's no way Dan Tier received only 28 votes in his home district, and I believe we had that recorded as 287. That doesn't change the overall result, though, which is (unofficially, by my calculation) Makar 2335, Tier 1859. (Update: The Board of Elections now shows Makar 2335, Tier 1887.) Congratulations, David!

Peter Meskill won the Sheriff's race. The Board of Elections shows Meskill with 13,871 votes to 9,026 for Brian Robison and 3,918 for Tim Little.

I heard that Elizabeth Garry won for State Supreme Court, but I don't know if that was for the county (which was clear) or for the entire district.

Mike Arcuri won Tompkins County easily and the district as well. Ray Meier had 5,910 here, but Arcuri had 9,274. Mike Sylvia, Libertarian of Etna, received 267 votes in Tompkins County.

Other winners include Eliot Spitzer for Governor, David Paterson for Lieutenant Governor, Barbara Lifton for Assembly, Alan Hevesi for Comptroller, Jim Seward for State Senate, and Aurora Valenti for County Clerk.

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KAZ said:

Garry DID win for the district. Thanks to Jason for sending me the numbers, which with 97% reporting stood at 54% Garry to 46% for McDermott. Hooray!