November 8, 2006

Dryden veterans; cursed mansion

Cathy Wakeman explores the stories of those Dryden lost in World War II today, visiting the WWII monument in the Dryden Village Green and reading More Than Names in Bronze, the book a team of researchers at the Historical Society assembled.

Wakeman also notes Mike Lane's upcoming "A Mansion Cursed: the McGraw-Fiske Home and the Chi Psi Disaster of 1906" presentation. The Historical Society announcment for that is:

Jennie McGraw-Fiske (1840-1881) was a member of Dryden's pioneer aristocracy whose lineage can be traced back to the town's founding. This is the story of Jennie McGraw-Fiske's fabulous home and the tragic 1906 fire that destroyed it as the Chi Psi fraternity house.

Some say the mansion was cursed. It had a short but celebrated life; built as a home overlooking Cayuga Lake by Jennie McGraw-Fiske who spared no expense in creating the most opulent residence in the region. Jennie filled it with artwork gathered from her travels around the world but died before realizing the completion of her dream. The mansion came to life a second time as home for Cornell's Chi Psi fraternity. Sadly, that too ended tragically when brave students and volunteer firemen died in the 1906 conflagration that shocked the country.

Join the Dryden Town Historical Society on Wednesday, November 15th, at 7:30 PM in the Dryden Village Hall to hear Michael Lane relive the glory and the tragedy of this legendary house.

As always, this program is free and open to all.

Saga Communications, which owns the Cayuga Radio stations on Hanshaw Road, is looking at buying two Cortland stations and giving one away.

There's also an announcement for a celebration of the life of TC3 GED instructor Richard Conlon, which will be held Friday at 10:30am.

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