November 9, 2006

Three years

Monday marked three years of Living in Dryden, with only occasional breaks in publication. (I now take Sundays off regularly, took a week off in September, and miss a day sometimes.) This is apparently article 1921.

There will be a lot of changes coming here soon. The site will be moving from its current host in California to Lightlink down in Ithaca, where I'll have my own server for the first time. That'll open up a lot of new possibilities, though the ones I hope to see initially are a new (prettier) design and a Dryden events calendar that anyone can update.

I've also been talking for a while about adding more voices to this site, and hopefully I'll find someone or a few someones in the next few months. It'd be great to have someone covering Dryden schools, or Dryden school sports, for instance, and a Dryden perspective on the Ithaca schools would be great too. (Why do Varna students go all the way to Caroline Elementary?)

We'll see how that works out.

Thanks for all your support, and there should be good things coming soon.

(If you have suggestions for the site, please leave them in the comments.)

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Gag Halfrunt said:

Gah! Don't change your design! It's simple zen like qualities draw me in, like a moth to the flame.....

Michael Lane said:

Congratulations, Simon, on three terrific years. Your persistence is exemplary and you have brought a real service to the people of Dryden, and beyond.

I know it is not easy to review and write almost every single day, but you are always factual, informative, and often amusing. You are fair and never take yourself too seriously. Your photos are colorful and newsy.

You respect your readers, and your blog has gained their respect in return because of that.


Stephen Goehring said:

Thanks for all the effort, It is nice to be able to go to somewhere and feel connected to "hometown".

Rowena said:

Dear Simon,

your blog so far fails to cover the Dryden cat-population.

I volunteer to walk over the keyboard every so often - if you help me with posting the photos on recent preys and furniture improvements.