November 9, 2006

Election, shopping spree

This week's Dryden Courier reports on David Makar's victory Tuesday night in the Town Board race, and Cortland resident Dennis Wright's shopping spree, which he won from Dryden Rotary, enjoyed at Clark's, and donated to the Dryden Kitchen Cupboard.

Inside, there's a report on the town budget hearing, including my complaints about the budget being available only on paper and basically impossible to read without the bookkeeper right there to answer questions. (Which she can answer, fortunately.) They also note that the tax rate is remaining the same, while the tax levy increases to $6.747 million from $6.475 million, and report on questions about community centers and youth activities. There's a bonus: a picture of Courier photographer Skip Thorne, whose name constantly appears in credits, rather than captions.

There's an article on Dryden resident Cam Viall's large scale cooking, including a recipe for fruit salad for 12. An article on farmland protection includes a photo of Lew-Lin farm, which just received money from the state to protect it from development. Matt Cooper also contemplates farmland protection and the shopping spree in his column, concluding by wondering which empty storefronts there are on West Main Street in Dryden. I suspect his correspondent meant these ones.

In Briefs, they note the Dryden Seniors' lunch on November 13th at the Dryden Fire Hall, as well as the presentation on the 15th about the Chi Psi fire of 1906, in which Dryden native Jennie McGraw-Fiske's mansion burned. The Salvation Army needs bell ringers in Dryden as well.

There's a picture of Cella Simons raking her lawn in Dryden, and group photos of the girls Volleyball team and Swimming and Diving team. In sports, they note the Dryden Boys Soccer team's loss in the finals, and the awards night tonight at 7:00pm in the Dryden high school gym.

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Michael Lane said:

Congratulations, Simon, on three terrific years. Your persistence is exemplary and you have brought a real service to the people of Dryden, and beyond.

I know it is not easy to review and write almost every single day, but you are always factual, informative, and often amusing. You are fair and never take yourself too seriously. Your photos are colorful and newsy.

You respect your readers, and your blog has gained their respect in return because of that.