December 18, 2006

Electrical choices

Saturday's Journal was quiet on Dryden, but did address the mysterious, complicated, and generally useless results of one of the dumber ideas the state has had in a long time: letting customers choose their own power supplier. This isn't a case of going into a store and finding the cheapest and best product; it's more like having to read through a collection of contracts to figure out which identical product might possibly cost less under unpredictable circumstances.

I know that some municipalities have saved money by purchasing as a group, but that's not exactly an option residential customers have. Markets are great for some things, but wow - this is a set of choices I see no benefit to, and a lot of costs. Using less power helps, of course. David Makar, Dryden's soon-to-be-Town-Board member, has also posted advice on the process.

In good news, we may have choice among State Senator candidates in 2008, as Caroline Supervisor Don Barber explores challenging incumbent Jim Seward.

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