February 8, 2007

Holland honored

This morning's Ithaca Journal also reports that Dryden girls basketball coach Joanne Holland was honored Thursday night before a game against Watkins Glen for her eight years of work with the team. There's also an article on the Dryden boys basketball team's 55-56 win over Trumansburg, forcing a playoff for the division title.

No, I don't normally cover sports, except to let people know what's in the Dryden Courier. The Dryden School District is a different area than the Town of Dryden, and I didn't want to get into covering Ithaca sports as well (or the other districts in Dryden).

I think, though, that sports needs coverage. I can't devote the time to it that it needs, so if anyone is interested in helping provide local sports coverage here, or even in their own weblog, please let me know in comments. It wouldn't require going to every game - keeping up with the Journal or the Cortland Standard would be fine for here, with additional reporting when convenient.

Hopefully, someone out there is interested!

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