February 8, 2007

Three cheers for Assemblyman Ball

Alas, this isn't a Dryden story. I wish we had representatives, in either house of the state legislature, in either party, who showed the strength Assemblyman Greg Ball demonstrated yesterday during the comptroller vote:

The scene: The state Assembly chamber, packed with hundreds of legislators, media and political junkies. Freshman Assemblyman Greg Ball rose from his desk, raised his microphone and indicted his colleagues.

And before he could finish his two-minute scolding, legislators booed, hissed, whistled and tried to shout down the rookie with cries of "Sit Down!" and "Resign!"...

"Today is a sad day for New York State," the rookie began as heads turned his way. "The public trust has been violated ... This is about a Legislature that is resisting a governor who has a mandate for reform.

"This is the most dysfunctional Legislature," Ball continued as the hisses and catcalls started and he raised his volume, "in the United States of America."

"Mr. Speaker, will you please take control?" Ball said to the man with the gavel, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, D-Manhattan. Silver offered no help.

There's video of Ball's comments as well. I'd say that was definitely some booing going on.

Alas, it looks like State Senator James Seward and Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton both voted for DiNapoli, along with their leadership.

The Journal also reports on the comptroller election more broadly.

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KAZ said:

He may be a Republican, but he deserves some moral support. Drop him a line at ballg@assembly.state.ny.us I did.