February 5, 2007

State budget, more lottery

This morning's Journal doesn't have much to say about Dryden, but has a few stories on things that affect us directly. There's a report on a meeting of state legislators with area school representatives. Dryden school board member Brian June and superintendent Mark Crawford are quoted, along with State Senator Jim Seward.and Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton.

On a related note, Jay Gallagher lists some prominent current battles Governor Spitzer has joined.

The Journal continues Saturday's look at the lottery with another set of articles. A piece called Local merchants do big lottery business stitches together Rochester and Binghamton-area stories, while one on the players' perspective visits Ithaca. There's an article on lottery tickets as Christmas gifts, another on when the lottery system goes wrong, one on the dream of security for generations, and one on the nightmare of addiction.

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