February 6, 2007

TC3 professor addresses mental health in Nicaragua

This morning's Ithaca Journal reports on TC3 professor Donna Nielsen's visits to Nicaraugua to help patients there, and her recent emphasis on mental health care.

They have pictures of Sunday's Snowfest on Hammond Hill.

The Monitor reports on a double-arrest in a DWI in Dryden.

There's another pile of lottery stories. One looks at the latest marketing hooks, another at innovative accounting, another at casinos and lotteries, another on the lousy odds bills proposing to restrict the lottery face, and finally one on how increasing prize payouts are shrinking the money coming in. All of it reinforces my opinion that New York State would be wise to simply step out of the lottery business.

They also, of course, note the freezing weather.

Update: I missed a letter from Joseph LoPinto of Freeville asking if Republicans would support Jesus if he returned to run for President in 2008, and also a letter from Art Berkey recommending a "No" vote on the Ithaca schools' bond vote March 6th: "A 'no' vote on March 6 on the entire bond will send a message but allow a re-vote on essential items in May."

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