February 9, 2007

"The day reform died"

Today's Ithaca Journal editorial has a pretty dramatic title, one I hope doesn't prove prophetic. They pretty much condemn the legislature's comptroller selection process, including the booing of Greg Ball. Their conclusion shares my disappointment in our area's legislators:

We've heard from our elected officials and others over and over again how they were going to work with Spitzer and they, too, wanted reform like the new governor.

But you don't have to dig too far to see how our officials responded when reform was on the table on Wednesday. Sens. James Seward, George Winner and Michael Nozzolio, and Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton all voted for DiNapoli.

There are also two articles on Cornell's economic impact, an overview and a by the numbers piece. This bit is hard to forget:

Cornell is directly or indirectly responsible for about 25 percent of people employed in Tompkins County and pays about 50 percent of all the wages earned in the county.

I've said for a while that without Cornell, Ithaca would look like Watkins Glen, a much smaller place one lake over. Of course, there are people who think that might be a good idea.

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