March 10, 2007

Assessment season opens

Today's news seems to be at the county or state level. It's assessment season again, with houses now assessed at 85% of full value. 1500 property owners will be getting notices that the value of their property has increase. Next year the system will return to 100% of value, then 90%, then 85%, then 100%, and so on.

There's a report on Tompkins County Airport's 2006 and plans for 2007.

On the opinion page, there's a Laurel for Scott and Stacey Caskey for helping the 3-year-olds injured in an assault in January. Peter Davies of Dryden writes a laurel thanking John Edwards for speaking about real issues in his presidential campaign. (I know it says Ithaca, but he lives in the Town of Dryden. More zip code craziness.)

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