March 21, 2007

Tight race in Village of Dryden

This morning's Ithaca Journal reports that Democrat Lisa Valentinelli and Republican Randy Sterling appear to have won Dryden Village Trustee seats. They don't report that these results may - it's not yet clear - be within the margin of absentee ballots. Current results look like:

CandidateDemocratRepublicanBetter DrydenTotal
Lisa Valentinelli12936165
Randy Sterling162162
Elizabeth Gutchess12034154
Robert Witty151151

I'll report more as I know what's up with absentee ballots. I'm immensely pleased with the work the Democratic candidates put into the race, and still have some hope that Elizabeth Gutchess can make up the eight votes between her and Randy Sterling, though statistically it seems difficult. The Republican candidates were definitely out there this year as well.

It looks like a change in state-aid formulas may cost Tompkins County child-care aid.

On the opinion page, Elizabeth Morano of Freeville reflects on President Bush's tour of Latin America.

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