March 21, 2007

Tighter race in Village; incumbents appear to win

Some days all you can say is argh...

New results, after this afternoon's canvassing of absentee ballots:

CandidateDemocratRepublicanBetter DrydenTotal (Change)
Randy Sterling181181 (+19)
Robert Witty169169 (+18)
Lisa Valentinelli13137168 (+3)
Elizabeth Gutchess12335158 (+4)

There are still two military currently ballots uncounted, as their backs weren't filled out correctly (and yes, we put them on a three-day hold), so in the end this may be a three-vote loss rather than a one-vote loss. It's also possible that some ballots will appear in the mail in the next few days, but they only count if they were mailed on the 19th or earlier. (One absentee ballot was disqualified for being mailed the 20th.)

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