April 12, 2007

"Abraham Lincoln riding on a vacuum cleaner"

There should probably be a contest to describe the shape of the New York State Senate district that includes Dryden, presently represented by State Senator Jim Seward. Right now, my vote goes to "Abraham Lincoln riding on a vacuum cleaner", from Russ Haven of NYPIRG.

It's not quite the "T-bone steak" I've called it before. What would the prize be for naming it? Maybe a member item for your favorite organization? Somehow, though, the Senate usually prefers to pretend these questions don't exist, so don't mention those organizations. They might just not get the prize.

(The Assembly isn't fond about hearing about this either, since each house gives the other free reign to draw whatever creatively-shaped districts they want.)

Update: The description was intriguing enough that the New York Times blog picked it up and even has a map. And now someone dressed the part!

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