April 20, 2007

Borrowed car leads to firearms arrest

This morning's Ithaca Journal has an odd report in The Monitor. An Ithaca woman complained that her car had been borrowed for too long and not returned. Next:

The woman also said Cannady was armed with a handgun. Deputies located Cannady driving the vehicle in Dryden. Deputies found a Smith & Wesson revolver with a defaced serial number and 53 rounds of .38 caliber ammunition in the vehicle. Cannady resisted arrest, the Tompkins County Sheriff's Office said.

On the county level, the living wage climbed 7%, largely for health care and communications. (I don't know how communications costs climbed 53%, though it's a small chunk of the total.)

On the opinion page, Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton explains how it's possible to get more school money for your district if you've been sufficiently respectful of the leadership and ask for their help.

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KAZ said:

I don't think you're quite fair on the Lifton opinion--I think she was trying to give Bill Hurley a bit more credit, after the Journal had downplayed his part in this. The message was more "look what we can do when we work together" than you're indicating, I think. The fact of the matter is that if Bill hadn't discovered this error, and if Barbara hadn't pushed Silver, a great many rural schools would've been screwed. So it's a good thing.

You undoubtedly know more about the underlying situation, but, er - if that piece was really meant to promote Bill Hurley, I think it would have been written very differently.

(I also expanded on this piece if you'd like to see more discussion.)